Class rosters have arrived, seating charts are set, and your ActivPanel is ready. Lead-in students with activities that showcase your classroom management style to make learning fun and rewarding. Let’s explore how school apps and activities will make 2021-2022 your best school year yet.

  1. Where in the World Is…?

Google Earth is a wonderful classroom tool that engages your visual and kinesthetic learners. The Multi-User Mode in the Promethean Whiteboard App will allow you and your students to plan your first virtual class field trip, incorporate an exciting scavenger hunt without the need for a passport, and use the toggle function of the Timer App to set targeted goals.

Google Earth offers a classic game within the app called Where on Google Earth is Carmen Sandiego, which is perfect for middle school and high school Social Studies teachers. Before your students transform into diligent detectives, map out the adventure by connecting students to an open class on ClassFlow. After sending content to student devices that review important concepts and game objectives, utilize your preferred Quick Poll type. This will empower students to apply geographic knowledge, strategize with their team, and celebrate finding Carmen Sandiego.

  1. History and Mystery

Challenge critical thinkers by uncovering new adventures with the Escape Through History app. Group your students by adding customized teams on the Spinner App, allowing you to easily differentiate each class. While inside the Escape Through History app, have students share their screens to show live updates of each group’s progress. While using the Promethean Screen Share app, double-tap on groups that need a little extra help and provide hints with the Annotate App. The Promethean Whiteboard App’s infinite canvas will give you all the space you need to screen capture the day’s highlights and achievements.

  1. Minute to Win It

Get students up and moving with the Charades! app. Create personalized lists that relate to students’ interests as well as the subject you teach. Take it a step further and make it your own with new categories on the Spinner App. Work simultaneously within the Charades! app while toggling both the Spinner App and Timer App to pace each round. These types of activities are great as low-prep end of unit reviews and offer instant feedback that will indicate students’ grasp on lesson concepts.

  1. Improv Room 101

Challenging students to think on their feet, focusing on each step of the process, and encouraging them to learn from their mistakes are just a few benefits of improv. Use Multi-User Mode on the Promethean Whiteboard App to let competing teams gather ideas for their initial sketches.
In ClassFlow, you have the option to send content that helps structure each troupe’s sketch to groups or individual students. When it is showtime, use Quick Poll for audience participation and engagement for each sketch. With Promethean’s Screen Share app installed on student devices, they can jazz up a sketch with backgrounds and music that showcases their creativity and individuality.

  1. Coding for Kids

Introducing students to coding at an earlier age can reap countless tangible rewards. PBS KIDS Scratch Jr is a great coding and programming app for K-5 teachers who want to see their students become the tech giants of tomorrow.

Insert templates in the Promethean Whiteboard App such as a Mind Map or Venn Diagram to preview the lesson, screen capture and use in tandem with the Whiteboard app, and prompt student engagement with drag and drop type activities. While showing students the PBS KIDS Scratch Jr app, in tandem with the Whiteboard App. When students are working in PBS KIDS Scratch Jr, ask students to mirror their progress so you can provide support and instruction in real-time.
Now that you launched the school year with five activities on ActivPanel that will galvanize your students, use the Spinner App to give them a sense of ownership and foster a positive learning environment. Customize a name category on the Spinner App that delegates important roles like student device captains to develop effective classroom management systems. Set the Timer App to promote a culture of accountability in your classroom.

Both of these ActivPanel apps can be used to model daily routines that elicit positive communication between you and your students (such as returning devices to charging stations and putting chairs up). When each class meets its goals, pick your ‘student of the day’ to spin the wheel for a surprise that makes them feel extra special. Looking for additional apps to use in the classroom? Check out Promethean’s recommended app list. 

Author: Brent Hawk is an Education Consultant for Promethean in New York City. He taught high school Spanish for 6 years in Ohio, where he implemented a Comprehensible Input (CI) based curriculum to promote cultural fluency –– which is part of the school district’s 1:1 Chromebook initiative grant.