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About Us

At the heart of Promethean’s professional development program is a range of learning opportunities developed and delivered by Promethean’s educator team, to ensure maximum learning and proficiency in using Promethean technology in the classroom.


Take an online course and choose from a variety of lessons. Further your ActivInspire skills or learn more about the potential of your ActivPanel.


Don’t have time to take a course? No problem. View the video library and watch our short video clips to further your knowledge of our Products.

Resource Hub

Insights, tips and updates for all educators in schools across Australia from Resource Hub, a Promethean blog.

Developed by Our Teachers, for Teachers

Our Promethean Learn Team are experienced in the classroom environment – all of them were educators at one point! They have extensive experience in teaching, curriculum development, and education leadership. All of this combined helps make them the best people to guide you through your professional learning journey.

Short of time?

Choose where you want to go next dependent on how much time you have and what you want to learn. Browse our Video Library for quick tutorials. Find out the latest educational insights, tips and updates by reading one of our blogs.  Take a look at the Courses page and get started.