Recording Resources with ActivInspire

The Screen Recorder in ActivInspire is perfect for capturing actions on a flipchart, the desktop, or another application. You could even use your recordings in a flipped classroom model, or to upload to YouTube for students. You may utilize the Screen Recorder to record your video. Save to your Microsoft OneDrive, access your recording at the panel, or send via Microsoft Teams.

To access the Screen Recorder, you can use the Tools button on your main toolbox, or go to Tools, More Tools, then Screen Recorder. Choose between Full Screen Recorder or Area Screen Recorder.

If you choose Full Screen Recorder, the recorder will automatically launch. With Area Screen Recorder, drag to create the area you wish to record, then click Launch Recorder.

A Screen Recorder window appears. You may move this window if you wish. Select the dropdown menu to change audio recording source.

Next, select the blue circle. Choose a location to save this recording and give your recording a title. Screen recordings are saved as MP4s. Select Save.

The recording is now in progress. Select the red square to stop your recording.

You may create an additional recording, or select the green play button to play the recording you just made.

You can also go to the location where you saved the file and double-click to open.

Watch this video to learn more about using the Screen Recorder: