Differentiated Instruction

Flipgrid AR QR codes can be assigned to different ClassFlow groups to incorporate remote scavenger hunts or group assignments and differentiated content. Individual students may even receive their own content in ClassFlow. Flipgrid QR codes and links can also be embedded into ClassFlow lessons and assigned in the moment to students for enrichment or remedial activities.

After you create a Flipgrid account:

Begin a new Grid by selecting Add New Grid. Complete the settings for your Grid and select Next.

Your Grids will begin to populate in your account. To add a Topic to a Grid, select the Grid title.

Next, select Add New Topic. Add in the title of the topic, directions for the topic, and designate how long your students have for their topic submission. Select Create Topic.

Now your students can record responses for your Topic. This is also where you record your Augmented Reality clip. Select Record a Response.

Use the record button to start you recording. When the video is finished rendering, select Upload.

Once your video uploads, you will be taken back to the main page for your topic. To get the QR code for your AR video, select the Share link to the right of your Response title.

Select the QR code icon in the dialog box that pops up. Either right-click to copy the QR code, or download to your computer.

Watch this video to learn more about creating and utilizing ClassFlow groups:


Watch this video to learn more about utilizing My Feed in ClassFlow:


To add your Flipgrid QR code to different ClassFlow groups:

Log in to ClassFlow.

Select Classes, then My Feed.

Title your message and select your group. Select the arrow to attach the file.

You may also differentiate your content directly from within a ClassFlow lesson!