Personalized Assessments

Personalized assessments can be added to converted Powerpoints in ClassFlow and are a fantastic way to provide more depth to a student’s understanding. There are 12 assessment types so you can truly assess student learning styles and needs.

ClassFlow assessments are completely customizable and an ideal way to gather both formative and summative data.

To create an assessment from the ClassFlow homepage, select Create Quiz or Assessment.

To create an assessment from the Resources tab, select +New, then Assessment.

Assessment Builder opens. It’s good practice to name your assessment before building questions.

The question type defaults to Multiple Choice, but you may select from 12 question types by expanding the dropdown menu.

The data you need to input depends on which question type you choose. Be sure to select or indicate the correct answers for objective questions. You may also add images and passages of text.

Use the +Question button to add new questions. Use the Import button to import items from other ClassFlow resources containing assessment questions.

Customize assessment details such as duration, navigation, retries, and feedback, by selecting the ClassFlow Menu button in the top left and selecting Delivery Settings.

Use the Preview button to review your assessment, or Deliver it by sending to connected students directly from Assessment Builder.

Your assessment automatically saves. To exit, select the ClassFlow Menu button, then Exit Builder.

Watch the videos below to learn more about Assessments in ClassFlow.

Creating an Assessment:


Viewing Assessment Results:


Delivered Assessments:


Create and deliver assignments in ClassFlow for student-generated classes to enable personalized learning, support a flipped classroom, and more. To create an assignment, start on the Resources tab and select the blue New button, then Assignment. Assignment Builder opens.

Complete the fields to the right. Only title and assignment type are required. The assignment type you choose will not change anything about the assignment itself and is meant only as a designation for your records. Be sure to Save.

Next, select Instructions. Input information to help students complete the assignment. Select Add Resources to provide supporting materials. You may add as many resources as you wish, such as ClassFlow lessons or assessments. Choose Select to add resources. They populate on the left. Expand the My Resources dropdown menu to search for additional materials or select Upload New Resource to pull resources from your device. Save your changes.

When your assignment is complete, select Exit to return to Resources or Assign. Upon selecting Assign, select your intended class from the dropdown menu.

By default, the whole class will receive the assignment, though you may select specific students or groups. Determine your scoring preferences and whether you would like the assignment to be collaborative. Finally, set the assignment’s date range and click Deliver.

To deliver assignments from the Resources tab, select the assignment and select Assign. This will take you to the same panel as before. Follow the steps and select Deliver. Monitor assignments from the Classes tab.

Watch this video to learn more about creating and delivering an Assignment in ClassFlow:


Watch this video to learn more about delivered Assignments in ClassFlow: