Using Promethean Classroom Essential Apps with Microsoft Teams

The Promethean Classroom Essential Apps come pre-installed on your Elements Series ActivPanel and can be used in conjunction with your Microsoft applications.

You can use the Whiteboard, Annotate, Timer, Spinner, Capture, and Screen Share apps to engage your students and extend your lessons.

Examples of using the Classroom Essential Apps with Microsoft:

Whiteboard/Capture: Open Edge on your ActivPanel and search for an image. Open the Capture app to crop the image and open in Whiteboard. Save your lesson notes from Whiteboard and export to your OneDrive to share in Microsoft Teams.

Annotate: Annotate over any website or app, including Microsoft Teams!

Timer: Begin an activity in Microsoft Teams. The Timer app can float over any app or application on your screen and is great for time management! Open multiple timers at once for group or station work.

Spinner: Use the Spinner to assign students to a task, group students, add in review practice, or create a vocabulary activity extension during your Microsoft Teams lesson.

Screen Share: Enable students to share their work and share their screen to the ActivPanel. Up to four students may share their screen at once. Enable touchback to interact with the devices. You may screen share a device from any network.