After an unpredictable first week of NCAA football games, your favorite team’s chance at a perfect season ends in a heartbreaking upset, and your 10-yard pigskin toss completely misses its target. Your quarterbacking skills may turnaround by December, but there is plenty of room for magic and creativity by making your class an interactive experience with Promethean this football season. ClassFlow can be your new game plan to turn hard work and preparation into student success and innovation.

Two-Minute Drill…

Instead of worrying about not having enough paper copies for a warm-up activity, connecting students to an open class in ClassFlow using the ActivPanel will bring less stress to the start of class and engage students more effectively with their devices. Keep it simple with a matching activity that reviews yesterday’s lesson and today’s objectives.
In ClassFlow, have students use the quick connect code to an open class with their device. The advantage of utilizing the activity builder is that students can work in small groups or individually at their own pace. Connecting students through active learning activities will help establish daily routines and classroom management systems.

First Down?

After the warm-up activity has set the tone for the day’s lesson, you’re ready for a dynamic and robust class discussion. Upon importing and converting resources such as slides, pictures, or videos that facilitates a class discussion, click the share button to send and deliver the lesson content to students.
For example, in foreign language or ESL classes, an adaptive exercise that requires minimal prep is picture talk. By sharing content in the ClassFlow lesson that adapts to high-frequency vocabulary structures and learning targets, you control the pace of each class. Utilizing personalized questions and answers will allow students to hear, use, and recycle the same words in a natural repetition. Gradually, this language acquisition process will become their second nature, giving them the confidence to converse in the target language.


After a few interactive activities and a lively group discussion, you’ve arrived at the final moments of class and students smell the aroma of chicken nuggets from the school cafeteria. The copier machine jammed this morning in the teacher’s lounge, but with ClassFlow, you audible to a paperless, minimal-prep exit ticket that will quickly check today’s progress. The Quick Poll feature is your new quarterback that will distribute data and feedback at the completion of the lesson. With eight different polling options available in ClassFlow, you can now pinpoint the most effective teaching strategies that will make your students the all-stars of tomorrow.

Author: Brent Hawk taught high school Spanish for 6 years in Ohio, where he implemented a Comprehensible Input (CI) based curriculum to promote cultural fluency – which is part of the school district’s 1:1 Chromebook initiative grant. He enjoys long-distance running, traveling, and watching Ohio State Buckeyes football.