According to Ask the Scientists, it’s estimated that the human brain can store up to 2,500,000 gigabytes of information, which is more than any computer. While the brain is a remarkable organ, information overload is a common struggle in the classroom.

Incorporating short, five minute warm-ups at the beginning of a lesson prepares your students for the transition to a new learning topic. Warm-ups can also be a creative and fun way to digest, review, and absorb content.  

Within a matter of minutes, you can gamify your warm-ups with ClassFlow Activities. Begin by creating your free ClassFlow account and customize one of the ten activity templates. You can easily share your activity with your students on Microsoft Teams, Google Classroom, Zoom, through ClassFlow, or another communication portal of your choosing. 

  • Log in to your ClassFlow account and create your ClassFlow Activity.
  • Next, select Resources
  • Find the activity you wish to share. 
  • Select Play on your details pane. This will take you to a standalone activity player.
  • Select and copy the URL.
  •  Paste this link into your video conferencing chat window or communication portal.

 Students may access and play this activity without being signed in to ClassFlow!

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