The Promethean ActivPanel is making waves in the higher ed space. Promethean draws from its experience with K-12 teachers to provide tools that assist students to generate new ideas and achieve breakthroughs on post-high school campuses. An EdTech solution that fosters learning and increases engagement is created by combining hardware, software, and skilled professional development.

Why Promethean for Higher Ed?

The Promethean ActivPanel is responsive and agile, giving educators and students alike an opportunity to perform and not be hindered by unfamiliar tech. Improved technology in the classroom increases productivity for educators, facilitates student engagement, and enables student-centered learning.

ActivPanel is Energy Star® certified for efficient energy usage. Learn more about how Promethean is committed to continual environmental improvement and social responsibility.

Boston Architectural College provides a glimpse into the future of higher education.

President Daas with his ActivPanel

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Hybrid Learning

As many higher education institutions are giving their learners a choice of learning face to face or in a hybrid setting. Promethean has solutions for every learning situation. Our Distance Learning Bundle has been vetted and ready for the hybrid learning arena. Using the tools that are provided, students at home can have a similar experience to those on campus.

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