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This collection of ActivInspire flipcharts, Promethean Whiteboard files, and PDFs is intended to support your new school year!

ActivInspire Flipcharts

For information on downloading Promethean’s ActivInspire software, click here.

Select any of the titles below to download to your computer. Flipchart files must be opened using ActivInspire.

Promethean Whiteboard Files

These are general classroom templates. Select any of the titles below to download the file to your computer. Then transfer the file to your ActivPanel via USB, connected Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive account to be opened within the Promethean Whiteboard App.

Promethean Whiteboard (.pwb) files must be opened in the Promethean Whiteboard App, available for Elements Series ActivPanels and ActivPanels with connected ActivConnect OPS-G devices.