Demo Tips and Tricks

Consultative demonstrations build relationships and trust with prospects and ensure their needs are met.  Ensuring that your demo is tailored to their needs and offers a solution that fits into their current ecosystem enables your audience to envision a partnership with Promethean.

Prior to a demo with a school, district, or organization, it will be important to have a conversation with them in which you ask the following types of questions:

  • Who will be in attendance for your demo? (Know your audience!)
  • What are the district’s current initiatives?
  • What products are they interested in seeing?
  • Are there any products you would like us to steer away from?
  • What is the district’s purpose for this meeting?
  • What are they looking to accomplish via Promethean technology?
  • What are the pain points with the current technology they have?
  • Who is the competition?
  • Are they a new or existing Promethean customer?
  • Do they have any student devices / infrastructure?
  • What would the ultimate PO look like?

Use the responses you receive to tailor a solution and presentation that will best fit their needs.

Audiences are most responsive when they feel you’re speaking directly to them and presenting the best solution for their environment. Here are some ways we love to customize our demonstrations:

  • Incorporate the school, district, or organization’s logo into your PowerPoint or flipchart presentations when possible.
  • Change the ActivPanel’s background to include a high-resolution image of that logo. Let the ActivPanel look like it already belongs in their environment!
  • Visit their website in advance and incorporate key words and phrases from their mission statement into your messaging.
  • Ensure you are presenting apps and tools from within their ecosystem. If you are presenting to a district that utilizes Google applications, ensure you are demonstrating how Promethean works well with these applications.
    • Click here to access a list of recommended apps and interactive websites.