ActivPanel Basics


The following is a procedure to be used in those circumstances where a deep cleaning of the ActivPanel cover glass is required:

  • Switch off your ActivPanel and disconnect the power cable.
  • Lightly apply 90% ethanol to 100% cotton or microfiber cloth (recommended to spray onto the microfiber cloth).  Do not apply liquids directly to the ActivPanel.
  • In a single direction, wipe down the cover glass of ActivPanel making sure to avoid the narrow sides of the touch bezel.  Do not apply excessive pressure to the glass.
  • After the application, dry the cover glass with a clean and dry microfiber cloth.

Note: please follow all safety and handling instructions listed with the cleaning solution, and keep out of reach of children

 For schools conducting a deep clean of their facilities, please follow these steps to protect your panels in advance of chemicals being sprayed onto surfaces:

  • Disconnect the ActivPanel from the power source.
  • Cover all inputs/outputs of the ActivPanel to prevent damage to internal electronic components.
  • Cover all ventilation holes (REMEMBER TO REMOVE ANY COVERING BEFORE USE).
  • Do not use ammonia-based cleaners directly on the ActivPanel.
  • Do not apply liquids directly to the ActivPanel.
  • Do not let any liquid remain on the ActivPanel.
  • When wiping the ActivPanel, use a 100% cotton or microfiber cloth.
  • As always, good personal hygiene practices of washing hands should be employed before and after use of the ActivPanel.

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You will find connection options behind the ActivPanel on the upper left side.

There are additional connection options behind the ActivPanel on the lower left side.


Front Facing Ports

You will also find several ports on the front of your ActivPanel for easy access. Here is an example of the ActivPanel Titanium’s front ports:

The ActivPanel Titanium features proximity sensors. When they detect a person near the ActivPanel, they immediately initiate the powering-on process. Press the Power button from the Center Console once and the screen turns on in less than a second! Following this, once the panel goes into standby mode, you may tap anywhere on the screen to turn the ActivPanel back on.

Center Console and Front Menu

The ActivPanel Titanium features a center console that sits at a comfortable 30-degree angle.

This center console contains tools teachers frequently use.

The ActivPanel Nickel also features a front menu.

This front menu contains tools teachers frequently use.

The ActivPanel affords multiple methods of interaction.


Interacting with the ActivPanel

There are multiple methods of interacting with Elements Series ActivPanels. Titanium ActivPanels come with four battery-less digital pens and the Nickel ActivPanels come with one.

Titanium ActivPanels have 20 continuous touch points and Nickel ActivPanels have 15.

Finally, Titanium ActivPanels also come with a block eraser.