The Locker displayed on an ActivPanel Titanium:

Watch this short video to learn more about the Locker:

Apps can be accessed from the Locker, including those installed on connected devices.

The Locker automatically opens to the Apps tab, but it is also accessible from the cube icon.

The Locker may have multiple pages of apps. Swipe right or left to navigate through these pages, much as you do with your smart phone or tablet.

Promethean Store

The preinstalled Promethean Store is a terrific place for locating engaging educational apps to enhance instruction.

To access the Promethean Store, select the Unified Menu and tap Locker.

On the Apps tab of the Locker, locate the Promethean Store.

Search within the Promethean Store using the headers along the top of the window – or using the search function in the top right corner.

To install an app on the ActivPanel, simply tap Install. You may be prompted to confirm the installation once more.

Chromium Browser

The ActivPanel features Chromium, a preinstalled web browser. Chromium can be located from the Apps page of the Locker.


Access setting options from the Locker. Tap the gear icon to view Settings.

Select Large Mode to increase the size of the Unified Menu.

Select More Settings for additional options.

About this panel

The About this panel icon provides details about the ActivPanel. This information may come in handy when communicating with the district IT Administrator or Promethean Support.