Expanding Your Solution

The Elements Series provides a great out-of-the-box experience, but in keeping openness in mind, we have options that allow customers to expand and customize their solution and create the ecosystem that best fits their district’s vision.


ActivConnect OPS-G

The ActivConnect OPS-G is the best fit for customers who want access to the Google Play apps, but may not want the full Google ecosystem that a Promethean Chromebox provides. The ActivConnect OPS-G is an external Android module.

ActivConnect OPS-G Specification Sheet


ActivConnect OPS-M

The ActivConnect OPS-M is a Windows® module for schools using the Microsoft® ecosystem. It creates an all-in-one, large format Windows experience when combined with the Elements Series ActivPanels.

ActivConnect OPS-M Specification Sheet



Promethean Chromebox

The Promethean Chromebox has a custom build that is unique to our Elements Series solution.

The Promethean Chromebox provides a path for Google Play Services. Apps installed on the Promethean Chromebox appear in the teacher’s Locker and selecting an app intuitively switches the source to the Chromebox device.

Promethean Chromebox Specification Sheet