Promethean Certified Teacher

Building the Foundations of Learning

Learn the foundational tools of the Promethean classroom and how to integrate these tools into your daily instruction to maximize content connections and student engagement. You can choose to independently complete the course online or contact a Promethean Education Consultant to guide you through the course in an in person training session.

Course Topics

After you complete the course you will take an exam to showcase your proficiency and earn your Promethean Certified Teacher badge that you can display on social media, portfolios, websites and more.

What topics does the course cover? Within the Promethean Certified Teacher course you will learn all about:


Discover how to use the tools, the Promethean Resource Library, how to create Activities, and use your current resources


Learn how to connect students, how to create interactive lessons, and how to create an activity and review progress.

The Promethean App Suite

Learn how to use the Whiteboard App, the Spiner App for fun interaction, and the Timer App for timed activities.

Engagement & Interaction

Overall, the Promethean Certified Teacher course will give you skills and confidence to create engaging and interactive lessons!

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Take the Promethean Certified Teacher course and enhance your confidence and skill levels using Promethean solutions.

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