Technology is an integral part of STEM lessons. It can help students with their planning and design, or it can become a tool for facilitating the lesson. Either way, the Promethean solution – both hardware and software – allows for seamless integration of technology for STEM instruction. We offer multiple ways to use Promethean products with STEM lessons and tools. Here are three ways to get started.

1. Use Easy-to-Use Tools Available on the ActivPanel

ActivCast Screen Sharing App

The ActivPanel, powered by ActivConnect, provides access to screen sharing using the ActivCast app. The ActivCast app allows teachers to mirror any iOS, Windows, or Android devices and Chromebooks.

What does this mean for STEM instruction?

  • Students can cast their designed or finished presentations up to the ActivPanel for a seamless way to share ideas.
  • The teacher can connect mobile devices or tablets to ActivCast and use the camera feature as a “walking document camera”. This allows students to actively collaborate with the entire class.

Google Play Store Apps 

The Google Play Store truly opens up the world of apps for the classroom. Google Play is available on the ActivPanel through the ActivConnect device. 
What does this mean for STEM instruction?

  • Teachers can download any of the thousands of apps available in order to truly immerse students into lessons. There are apps for programming and coding skills, mobile labs for experiments and apps for simulating an engineer. Students can easily use the ActivPanel as a collaboration station. 
  • Promethean has bundled the ActivPanel with some of the most engaging STEM apps out there like Brain it On!, Solar Walk, and more. Download the full STEM guide to learn about our 40+ STEM app recommendations.

There are so many devices with Bluetooth capabilities like robots, thermometers, and even Legos! Many of these devices even come with apps that help teachers utilize them and collect data. The ActivConnect device has Bluetooth capabilities that allow seamless connectivity from the device to the ActivPanel.
What does this mean for STEM instruction?

  • Easily connect Bluetooth capable devices to the ActivConnect and download the corresponding app for students to code, create, and practice real-world skills. Check out Sphero and Blockly for a few examples.
  • To see the full list of recommended products to pair with the ActivPanel, download the Promethean STEM  guide mentioned above.


2. Add Assessments to STEM Lessons Using ClassFlow

Within Promethean’s cloud-based software, ClassFlow, teachers have the ability to energize their classroom with interactive polling. This allows teachers to ask their students many different types of questions throughout a lesson – whether pre-planned or on the fly. 
What does this mean for STEM instruction?

  • Teachers can ask students how they worked as a team using a Likert Scale to facilitate better teamwork between groups.

  • They can also ask students to improve their original design (part of the Engineering Design process) with a Creative Poll:


3. Encourage Student Collaboration with ActivInspire

ActivInspire Flipcharts 
With Promethean’s collaborative lesson delivery software, ActivInspire, teachers, and students are given a large, blank canvas to utilize as a multi-touch collaboration space.

What does this mean for STEM instruction?

  • Students can use the interactive display as a station or center to design, plan, and gather ideas for their solutions.  The multiple points of touch allow students to write and collaborate at the same time. 

How do you use Promethean technology for your STEM lessons? Let us know by commenting below. 

Author: Lindsay Lourcey is an Education Consultant with experience teaching all types of students from English Language Learners, to exceptional students and economically disadvantaged students. While teaching, Lindsay found that regardless of learning style, technology plays an integral role in student motivation, engagement, and achievement.