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Krista Cartwright

Krista Cartwright teaches fourth grade at Marrs Elementary School in Mount Vernon, Indiana, and is a powerhouse of a teacher. She has been teaching for 21 years and is the embodiment of what all teachers strive to be: adaptable, resourceful, and eager to try new things.

Introducing Krista

It comes as no surprise that Krista is a teacher who stays on the cutting edge of technology for the benefit of her students. Using Promethean in her classroom gives her the confidence and peace of mind to know that her curriculum is always ready to go.

In ActivInspire, she can engage students from their devices with ClassFlow and get kids out of their seats and excited to learn with her ActivPanel. Krista has shared her vast knowledge with fellow educators at numerous conferences including ISTE, her alma mater’s Murray State Summit, and this year’s Promethean Teacher Appreciation Summit. 

Krista's Top Tools

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