February was a busy month for the Promethean team. We’ve been to some great events (don’t worry if you didn’t see us, there’s still more planned for the year!), met lots of cool teachers, and even gave away ActivPanels to our 2019 Grant Winners. By the way, if you want to read who the lucky 20 winning classrooms were, just skip over to the Grant page on Promethean World. All that said, it’s time for some free teaching resources!

Appy to See a List of Apps?

So, as we say good-bye to February we wanted to make your March a little bit easier with our top-three suggested apps for some cool, free teaching resources. There’s a little writeup on each one and links for where you can download them. Why not tell us on Facebook what your experiences were using the apps?

Spritz Reader

Spritz ReaderThe Spritz Reader app aims to improve reading skills by their patented ‘spritzing’ methodology. What is ‘spritzing’, you ask? According to the Spritz website, this is: “reading text with Spritz Technology Inc.’s patented technology. When you’re spritzing, you’re reading text one word at a time in our “redicle,” a special visual frame we designed for reading.” What do we love about Spritz Reader? There’s also an extension (as well as the app) that you can use with some of your favorite publications to ‘Spritz’ read.

Khan Academy

Khan AcademyA favorite amongst many Promethean people and tried-and-tested for a number of years, the Khan Academy give you instant, free access to a wealth of materials to learn your chosen subject topic. From music to math, languages to literature, the range of learning opportunities is endless! What do we love about Khan Academy? There’s a variety of media that you can use to learn. From video to interactive assessments, it makes learning fun and easy for when you have some spare time on-the-go.

BrainPOP Featured Movie

BrainPopBrainPOP resources have been a teacher-favorite of Promethean’s for years! We’ve loved learning with Moby and his friends and have also loved the engaging platform, with cartoon-like characters. The BrainPOP Featured Movie changes daily and covers topics such as current events, the earth, key topical dates in history, and many more interesting subjects. What do we love about the BrainPOP Featured Movie? There’s also a range of other apps that you can download for free. Visit this BrainPOP app page for some handy, quick links.

PS: If you love this list of free teaching resources then check out this previous blog post for some ready-made ClassFlow teaching activities.