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Are you using tech to develop a growth mindset?
Are you working towards a growth mindset with your class? Find out how common school tech will help you reach your goals with our six point guidelines. Read more.

4 ways to boost engagement in lessons with device
Device mirroring (or ‘screen sharing’) is a method that enables you to wirelessly duplicate or ‘mirror’ the content on your computer screen, tablet or smartphone to another screen. Read more.

Why technology is a necessity for modern education.
Education plays an irreplaceable role in preparing young people for their future careers, and presenting them with opportunities for self-development.
Read more.



ActivPanel Elements Series

Learn how to get started and further discover the potential of your ActivPanel.


Discover basic ActivInspire skills to enhance your flipcharts and class engagement.

Panel Management

Discover how to use our Panel Management tools available through MyPromethean.com.

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ActivPanel V6

Video tutorials to support your use of the ActivPanel V6 and ActivConnect device.

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