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ResourcEd: A Promethean Blog

Insights, tips and updates for all educators in schools and academies across the UK.

How can technology aid learning and assessment?

Edtech can be used to aid formative assessment; helping to boost engagement, identify knowledge gaps, and support deeper learning.
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Digital literacy in the classroom. How important is it?

When preparing pupils for the world of work, digital literacy is essential. But what exactly is it? And, how can you apply it in your classroom?

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How can teachers use technology to streamline the learning process?

How can teachers use technology to streamline the learning process?
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ActivPanel Elements Series

Learn how to get started and further discover the potential of your ActivPanel.


Discover basic ActivInspire skills to enhance your flipcharts and class engagement.

Panel Management

Discover how to use our Panel Management tools available through MyPromethean.com.

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ActivPanel V6

Video tutorials to support your use of the ActivPanel V6 and ActivConnect device.

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